Year of Videos: Part 2

Two and a half years ago, I had the inspired idea to film one thing every day for a year. It’s actually not that inspired; it’s sort of a trend. But 365 days later, I had captured a really accurate, if not slightly more upbeat portrayal of my life. I took a 6 month break because that stuff gets tiring, but I missed it. There’s a newness to life when you force yourself to find something eternally memorable every day. So, on October 26, 2014, while riding a river boat through one of my favorite places in the world, totally in awe of the gift of Laos and my friends and family and the unpredictability of life, I got out my iphone 5 and started again.


And here we are. Not a single day was missed, and while it’s likely that many shots look similar to the last video, for me, 27 and a half year old Emily Buikema, it bottles the terrifying, agonizing, exhilarating, promising passage of time. It’s also a sad reminder that my iphone 5 needs an upgrade.

The most precious part of creating these videos is that it has always been so much more about its subjects than about me. The family that makes up my community are the stars of this video. It belongs to them, because they (and my dogs) were the ones that made anything worth filming. And it was all worth filming.
If you were privileged enough to have me shove a camera in your face in the last year, I dedicate this to you, and hope you find your cameo(s) well worth the trouble.


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